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Class Descriptions


Tots: (Ages 2-3) Our Pre-Baby Ballet and Tap combination class is a 45 minute weekly class that introduces our little ones to the world of dance through creative movement and song. This class will begin to teach your little ballerina and/or prince the fundamentals of both Ballet and Tap all while having fun!

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Tuition Chart:

45 mins per week $50/mo.
1 hour per week $55/mo.
1.5 hours per week $75/mo.
1.75 hours per week $80/mo.
2.25 hours per week $100/mo.
Petite Company $125/mo.
Junior Company $155/mo.


Ask us about our family discounts for multiple students!


Combo Classes: Dancers ages 4 & up can choose to take a combination of our combo classes (Ballet, Tap, Jazz). We believe in the importance of a well-rounded dancer at LDC. Therefore, we strongly encourage our combination classes, as they contain quality training and instruction at an affordable price. Ballet is a required class as it’s the foundation of all dance. However, your dancer can choose to take our Tap and/or Jazz class in addition to the Ballet class.


Recital Hip –Hop: This class is available to dancers ages 5 & up and focuses on age appropriate hip-hop dancing and music that your kids will surely love! Dancers will learn basic hip-hop technique and high energy choreography as well. We create well rounded hip-hop dancers, here at LDC! J

*This class can be taken alone or as an add-on.


Tumbling (Level 1): This class focuses on beginner tumbling, stretching & flexibility.

*This class can be taken alone or as an add-on.


Tumbling (Level 2): This class focuses on more advanced tumbling and incorporates stretching, flexibility and strength training.

*This class can be taken alone or as an add-on.


LDC Performance Company: Our performance company is offered to dancers ages 6 and up and is for the more committed dancer. These dancers are required to meet a total of 3 and a half hours a week. They will receive weekly technique training in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and lyrical, and will learn choreography for various numbers. Company members will compete a minimum of 2 competitions a year and will attend at least one convention, where they will take classes from professional dancers in all styles of dance.

*Please let us know if your dancer is interested in being a part of the LDC Performance Company.*


Adult Classes: We currently offer an adult tap class for those adults who share a love for dance and music, and who might want to “shake-off” a few pounds in the process. Come join in on the fun!

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